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Read medical reports and reference

The medical report (or epicrisis) is an important tool for communicating between physicians. It usually includes disease course, therapies, classifications, a summary of patient status, and information on other important areas that help clinicians understand the history of their new patient. But medical reports could do much more.

Gaining insight

A large database of medical reports could provide important information and suggestions for therapy and medication for similar diseases, or prevent failed therapeutic attempts. However, access to medical reports is limited for various reasons. These concern on the one hand the data protection (medical confidentiality) and on the other hand the form of the medical reports, which are still sent by mail in most cases and written by hand and are not obliged to a general standard.

New Ressources

In order to make this special resource usable, we have developed our own instrument that makes medical reports easily digitally readable on the one hand and automatically anonymized on the other hand. With this tool, physicians get completely new research options without violating the personal rights of patients. It can be installed on-site in clinics or medical practices and fed with existing data, or hosted in a Cloud.