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Support for cancer treatment

In cancer research, artificial intelligence can use methods such as data science and (deep) machine learning to evaluate cancer treatment and provide support for the treating oncologist in diagnosis and therapy.

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

The aim of using Artificial Intelligence in cancer research is to evaluate the potential applications of advanced data science and (deep) machine learning methods in clinical cancer treatment and to make a significant contribution to the practical implementation. As part of this research project, clinical partners provide anonymous patient and treatment data to be used by data scientists for data visualization and for a study to predict survival or fallback probabilities using machine learning methods. In addition, the aim is to develop perspective software that facilitates the daily work of oncologists, as follows:

  • Visualizing, indexing, and searching this patient data and making it accessible to interactive analysis
  • This helps to develop a structured database of patient and patient information, which in turn can be used as a basis to create automated analysis and predictions on disease evolution using data science and machine learning methods.

Cancer Database

We have developed a new database for clinical cancer data, based on which we can quickly provide insights and develop customized applications.

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Expert Dashboard for Data Mining and Predictions

An expert dashboard has been developed, through which various health parameters can be examined and combined. This allows predictions for future development processes.

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Hematopoiesis and Leukemia Simulations

A mathematical model of the human hematopoietic system has been developed. This computer simulation provides novel insights into the genesis, development and treatment of leukemia.

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High-Dimensional Cancer Data Visualization

Biomedical data are increasingly high-dimensional. Frequently, such pictorial representations (data visualizations) lead to substantial insights into the structure of the data.

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Read Medical Reports and Reference

This instrument makes it possible to automatically recognize similarities in different medical reports, whilst preserving all personal rights of patients.

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Deep Leanring on EEG Recordings

The AF Institute is working on a system that allows the early detection of strokes through the analysis of EEG data.

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VR Simulation of Tumor Formation

A 3D simulation of tumor formation makes it possible to use VR glasses to gain insights into processes that are normally hidden,

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