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Systematic evaluation of clinical cancer data

Hospitals are legally obliged to document tumor development and to submit their data in a structured form to official cancer registries. The data include e.g. diagnoses, treatments, results and side effects, as well as demographic information of patients. These data can be used for quality control, or for certification and clinical research. Often, however, accessing this data is troublesome because it resides in an IT-Experts only accessible database and is subject to strict privacy policies. Accordingly, doctors, administrators or researchers who wish to use this data can not easily access it.

Online solution

With the help of modern web technology, we have developed a database for clinical cancer data. This enables us to rapidly develop tailored online applications that access this data while maintaining patient privacy policies.

Expert dashboard

Thus we have developed an expert dashboard to examine and combine various health parameters. In clinical research, it is often a question of comparing long-term data of different cancers, taking into account age and gender (and other potential factors). Using the user-friendly web interface, scientists can now easily retrieve all relevant data and directly receive visualizations of different relationships over time.


The same technology could be used, for example, to predict the length of stay of patients in hospitals. This would give administrators the ability to better allocate resources. Or one could calculate the likelihood of complications and thereby increase care quality.