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Artificial intelligence alone is not enough. We need data, and we need methods to protect data. In addition, we need data models. Finally, we also need to collect qualitative information. That is why the projects of the AF Institute complement each other.

Projects of the AF Institute (selection)

Cancer Register

With the AF Institute’s cancer research register, existing cancer databases can be merged.

Referencing medical discharge letters

Our Affinity Referencer can read, reference and visualize the qualitative information of large amounts of discharge letters. Comparisons with similar medical cases can show correlations.

Open data and privacy

With our tools DQ0 and AF Anonymizer, large data sets can be made accessible to scientists. Data worth protecting is hidden. TUV-certified!

Tumour formation as virtual reality

Simulate tumour formation, gain insights for treatment.

Simulation of haematopoiesis

How does cancer actually form? We conduct research in the field of haematopoiesis and leukaemia and develop models.

Predicting disease progression

When will the next epileptic seizure come? What complications are likely? Predict disease progression by implant, expert dashboards for medical professionals.

Higher-dimensional data

Compressing higher-dimensional data, displaying point clouds in a three-dimensional virtual reality and interacting with them – this way data becomes tangible, for example in cancer treatment.