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Addison Fischer, Tim Cook, Max Schrems: Three successful personalities, one common thread – but what?

Three Personalities

  • Addison Fischer has founded a number of successful technology companies (VeriSign) and holds patents. The initiator of the AF Institute is now active internationally as a philanthropist and environmentalist.
  • Tim Cook has succeeded Steve Jobs as Apple’s leader – not an easy legacy. He is one of the best-performing managers in the United States and, according to Fortune, wants to donate his entire wealth.
  • Max Schrems, a young lawyer, has put pressure on both the social media giant Facebook and the Safe Harbour agreement – David vs. Goliath. The data protection advocate remains committed to the cause and continues to make headlines with legal advances against data collectors.

But what is common to the three personalities?

The Answer

All of them have been committed to data protection and have received awards from the Electronic Privacy Information Center. Tim Cook (2015) and Addison Fischer (2009) were honoured with the Epic Champion of Freedom Award, Max Schrems (“Europe vs. Facebook”) was named EPIC International Privacy Champion in 2013.