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Machine evaluation of unstructured data is gaining more and more importance with exponentially growing data volumes.

The AF Institute develops tools that enable efficient processing and analysis of unstructured data.

Complex Data in Health Care

One of the most sought-after areas of application for such tools is the processing of healthcare data. As seen in the graph, an extremely strong growth of unstructured data is predicted here.

More and more medical information

Medical information doubles every five years. By 2022 it is expected to double every quarter.

80% of the healthcare professionals spend at most 5 hrs/month to keep abreast of his/her domain.

80% of the information is unstructured. Only 20% of the knowledge doctors use is evidence based: 1 out of 5 diagnoses are wrong or imcomplete.


Proportion of unstructured data in healthcare

  • Empirically proven knowledge 20% 20%
  • Share of incorrect or faulty diagnoses 20% 20%

VR Demonstrator

The VR Demonstrator of the AF Institute makes it possible to display high-dimensional data interactively and vividly.

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