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AFI Anonymizer enables data transfer in accordance with data protection

With the AFI Anonymizer, data can be transferred to third parties without sensitive information being visible. After making the appropriate settings, the data owner does not have to manually manipulate the individual information.

An algorithm developed on behalf of the AF Institute automatically hides information subject to data protection. This means that data processed in this way can remain with the third party, the data protection is not violated by the transfer. The AFI Anonymizer can make data anonymous (remove personal information) or pseudonymize data (replace personal information with placeholders). The data owner only needs to adjust some general settings and check the edited data before releasing it.

Example of Court Rulings

A government data centre could just as easily give all judges access to all court rulings within a country. Judges from another court or university scientist could evaluate these data and gain new insights from court practice. Here, too, the data displayed can be controlled in such a way that the rights of the parties to the proceedings are not violated. The application possibilities are therefore manifold.

TUV certification

DQ0, the related platform for data-record-compliant analyses, is already TUV certified.

Combination with DQ0

The AFI Anonymizer can be combined with the TUV certified platform DQ0: The data to be anonymized can be safely stored within the DQ0 data quarantine. The anonymization is performed within this protected enclave. Only the tested result with full data protection is released for use outside DQ0.